Enter Your Work


We know entering awards can be a time-consuming process so we've made it as clear and simple as possible. You'll find easy to follow instructions below and if you have any difficulty don't hesitate to contact info@icad.ie

Handy Checklist

Are our membership subscriptions up to date?

The principal creatives involved in all work entered into the ICAD Awards must be ICAD members. You can update your individual memberships by logging into your profile on www.icad.ie, or if you're a new member, simply go to the membership section of this website.

Have I got a username and password?

You can go straight to the awards platform https://icad.awardsplatform.com to set up a user profile or if you entered last year, you can log in with those details. Multiple users can be added from individual agencies or studios and still assign all the work to the appropriate company. You will need a membership code to submit the work.

Have I checked that I have the correct files ready?

The Categories & Fees document outlines the required file types, back up material and fees for each individual category. Please make sure there is no reference to your company name within your entry files or information. Remember, these are the files that could go on to be published in the archive and shown at the awards ceremony.

Have I got all of my hard copies ready to deliver?

Don't panic, get your work into the system first. Advertising print entries no longer require an A3 print, we will arrange and file all print entries for presentation to the juries, the cost for this is included in your entry fee. Printed originals can be delivered directly to the judging venue in advance. All entrants will be issued with instructions for this.

Have we paid?

The final step to submitting your entries will be to pay the fees through the online entry system.


We have simplified the fee structure for 2017. Most fees now fit the following structure: Advertising single - 150 euro Advertising campaign - 200 euro Design single - 80 euro Design series / range - 120 euro All fees are outlined in the Categories & Fees document.


I've been asked to submit entries on behalf of my agency / studio, who should I add as a member?

All of the key creatives responsible for an entry should be ICAD members or in the case of craft categories, the key craftsperson ie. the photographer for a photography entry. The loose rule of thumb is that anyone you'd expect to go on stage to accept the award should be a member.

Can I add the memberships at the same time as the entries?

Please note there are two separate systems - the awards platform on www.icad.awardsplatform.com and the member's platform on www.icad.ie. You can now sign up, renew, and check your membership on our member's platform. This is a member-centric platform, meaning that memberships should be dealt with individually. If you or your team members are new to ICAD: Fill in details and pay membership subs here. If you or your team members are renewing membership: Membership logins will already have been issued. Simply log in to www.icad.ie individually to renew membership, following the prompts within your membership profile. You should also take this opportunity to complete your profile, if you haven't already done so. You will see that any of your ICAD Award-winning work since 2003 has already been attributed to you.

My username and password don't seem to be working, what do I do?

It's possible you have two different usernames and passwords. We have an awards platform (https://icad.awardsplatform.com) AND a members platform, these are separate. ICAD members can edit their member profiles all year round and non-members can add entries on behalf of their companies.

Can other people in my agency / studio submit entries too?

Yes. Different people from the same company can submit entries - each can set up their own user profile and assign the entries to the relevant company.

I'm entering the greenhorn section, do I need to be a member?


I want to enter an ad into the greenhorn section, what's the next step?

Greenhorn works differently to the other categories - you're not entering a single piece of work but rather a body of work by a creative who fits the criteria for greenhorn (working in the industry for three years or less).

How do I know what type of membership I should take out?

In most cases people should be full members to enter the awards, although there are other membership types - check them out here. Honorary membership is awarded by ICAD to past-Presidents and is not available to anyone else.

How do I know what categories to enter?

In most cases this should be outlined in the Categories & Fees document. If you are not sure where your work best fits, just get in touch with info@icad.ie.

What's the difference between a single and a campaign entry?

The difference between a single and campaign entry is down to the number of executions. When we apply that criteria to some categories, particularly in design, the term 'campaign' is replaced with 'series' or 'range'.

What files do I need?

Again, these are all outlined on the Categories & Fees document. ICAD sometimes needs two sets of files for an entry - one for judging and online purposes and one for print purposes.

How many files should I provide?

This is totally dependant on the entry - for example, a press campaign containing four ads would require four jpegs. In the case of entries where you are already supplying hard copies ie. books, we would recommend that you do not upload more than six images. The judges will have he physical book in the room to refer to so there's no need to add to your workload by adding lots of files.

How many screen shots should I provide for TV and digital entries?

Six per entry (this includes campaign entries)

Can I enter Case Study videos?

We understand and encourage you to explain your entry as well as possible but we will be judging the concept and execution of your entry and not the production of your case study. If you feel a case study video is required, please keep it brief and to the point for the judges ease and for possible future use on the ICAD gallery and on awards night.

How do I make my entry look good?

In all instances, we are trying to simulate the original experience of the viewer and present it to the jury. In the case of a book or a press ad, this is relatively straightforward. In other categories, it can be more complicated. Please try to provide enough details to the jury that they have a full grasp of what you are entering whilst not overloading them with unnecessary information.

I am currently preparing files, what information should I include in them?

Ideally, the only information should be contained in the work itself. Files should not be captioned and should not contain the name of the entrant (unless the work is self-promotional).

Terms & Conditions

i. All entries must have been aired, published, printed or produced (if an entry is a 3D piece) between February 1st, 2016 and January 31st, 2017. No conceptual work will be accepted.

ii. All entered work must have been created by members of ICAD, but can contain elements supplied by non-members.

iii. Only members of ICAD will be eligible to receive awards. Work entered must have been created for use in commercial advertising or design.

iv. Work submitted for previous ICAD awards is not eligible.

v. Individual pieces submitted to previous ICAD awards do not qualify for entry as part of campaigns even if they are included with newly created work. Altered work does not qualify for entry if submitted for previous ICAD awards.

vi. The ICAD board reserves the right to seek written proof from the commissioner that work submitted for judging in the ICAD awards was aired specifically as an advertising or design communication between the dates shown above.

vii. Final closing date is strictly Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 at 5pm.

viii. No correspondence will be entered into regarding entries.

ix. The judges’ decision is final. The jury reserve the right not to make an award in any category should they feel the standard is not deserving of an award. Lobbying will disqualify the entrant.

x. Whilst every care will be taken in the storage of entries, ICAD will not accept responsibility for loss or damage of entries and our storage facilities are limited. Return / collection of entries must be arranged by the entrant. Please indicate that you wish to receive your entries back at the time of entry.

xi. The board of ICAD is not permitted to interfere with the judging procedure, and all entered work that receives an ICAD Award is at the discretion of the judging panel.

xii. In the case of the same piece of work being entered by two different companies into the same category, the entry from the company whose work is most relevant to that category will be accepted, the entry fees relating to the second party will be forfeited. xiii. To go forward for a Greenhorn Award, the entrant must be working in the industry for three years or less. Work put forward must be valid commercial work.

xiv. No entries can be withdrawn from the awards after either deadline – February 21st or March 7th, 2017 at 5pm. Corresponding entry fees will be forfeited.

xv. ICAD cannot be held responsible for the miscalculation of entry fees on the part of an entrant. In all instances, the entrant is liable for the full amount.



Work that is representative of the best of Irish Advertising and Design within its given year.


An excellent piece of creative work considered as one of the finest of the year in its discipline and a clear example of the best of Irish Advertising and Design.


Outstanding work of superior quality within its field. Advertising or Design that raises the Irish standard in both a national and International context.


Exceptional work in idea, execution and quality that defines or redefines its field. An example of Irish work that will be remembered as the finest of its kind and could represent and gain notoriety for Irish creativity internationally.