2018 Award Winners

The 2018 ICAD Award winners were announced on May 25. Congratulations to all involved in the winning and commended work.

We are in the process of uploading all of your 2018 winning and commended work to this gallery.

ICAD members will have the work linked to their profile, along with any awards you have won at ICAD since 2003. As digital requirements have changed since then – please feel free to pull us up on low quality or missing files. Or, if your name was spelt wrong or there’s another reason your profile doesn’t link to your winning work, please let us know.

Finally, we have restructured this gallery so that entries are listed within the most relevant current category, removing categories that can be seen as duplicates. This means that you can view the work more easily and get a fuller picture of the entire category. Historic categories that can no longer be entered are marked X. If you’d like to check the category’s original context within the year awarded, please refer to the ICAD awards books, all available here.