Gold, Silver, Bronze and Green

Printed by W&G Baird on environmentally friendly papers. The different elements of the book are separated by paper type.

240gsm Plike – Black

Wibalin 570 Natural – Black

Front Endpaper:
135gsm Colorplan – Ebony

Pages 1-20:
115gsm Stephen – Sultry Grey

Pages 21-80:
150gsm Cyclus Print – White

Pages 81-140:
150gsm Revive 50:50 Offset – White

Pages 141-216:
150gsm Era Gloss – White

Pages 217-312:
148gsm Mohawk PC 100 Smooth – White

Pages 313-420:
150gsm 9lives 80 silk – White

Pages 421-440:
115gsm Stephen – Dirty Brown

Back Endpaper:
135gsm Colorplan – Ebony


One of the most pivotal of the ‘ICAD 50’ celebratory events was the launch of the five-year bumper edition book on September 4th, 2008. 400 of Ireland’s top creatives, as well as key industry, business, education and government representatives, descended upon the Radisson SAS, Golden Lane for the launch event. Officially launched by Minister Eamon Ryan, the ICAD book houses five years (2003 – 2007) of design and advertising award-winning work as well as a directory of key industry suppliers.

The book is ultimately about the work and we are extremely excited to bring five years of excellence together in one publication. It acts as a true testament to the high standard of creative work in this country.

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